• Jennifer

Join us on May 19th

The team leaves May 19th. Join Jennifer, Denise, Lynne and Celesty as they travel and work in Haiti. Check out our daily blog for updates and pictures!

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Home after a wonderful experience

So this was my first time going to Haiti. Meeting great people there who made the trip safe and fun. I have been trying to wrap my head around all that I seen, and so many different emotions. Meeting

Home again

The team all made it back. It was a long week with full of hard work, bonding with the children, Pastor Mario, his wife Mary, Lophane, Hudsen and Noel. We were able to bless Pastor and Mary to a day

Hard work fun and little wifi

We are currently eating lunch at look out point before we head back to the orphanage to finish the mural. We cleaned the garden and started the mural yesterday. Wifi and data are spotty at best but we